Fischer Clerking, LLC offers a variety of different formats for auctions, allowing sellers to reach buyers nationwide. Our services entail the following to best suit your needs:  

  • Live Auction:

This would be in person bidding only with pre-registered buyers. An auctioneer and ring man would auction each lot individually from the seller’s desired location.

  • Simulcast Auction:

This auction offers in-person and online bidding with pre-registered buyers. An auctioneer and ring man would auction each lot individually from the seller’s desired location.

  •  Online Auction:

This auction offers online bidding (no auctioneer or ring man). The features for this auction are unlimited as we have the option to set time durations for each lot of the sale (i.e., Lot One live auction 1:00 P.M to 1:30 P.M., Lot Two live auction 1:30 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. This would provide a specific time to buyers that only had a certain lot in mind vs watching the entire auction. Another option would be like a traditional auction where the auction simultaneously sells all the lots.


Should you decide to sell your livestock with Fischer Clerking, LLC photos and videos will be obtained either by seller or Fischer Clerking, LLC. Images of the animals will be used to market and showcase each lot. We require that prior to the photos being taken; the animals be sorted as to how they will be sold so the buyers can plan accordingly.  

 Photos we offer – still photos, videos, and drone footage.

Fees for our photography services would include travel and time. Seller and Fischer Clerking, LLC will agree to a set price prior to photos being taken.

 The photos / video will be used in numerous different advertising avenues such marketing on several different online platforms and email to all buyers in Fischer Clerking, LLC’s portfolio. Due to the majority of our marking being online, we charge a flat marketing fee of $200. Again, this fee is for online marketing only, this does not encompass any expenses Fischer Clerking, LLC may have should the seller request brochures be created and mailed to potential buyers. Should additional fees arise, seller shall compensate Fischer Clerking for the time and expenses.

Prior to the sale, all animals must be inspected by a licensed state approved veterinarian. Fischer Clerking, LLC must obtain documentation from the veterinarian with each animals’ federal ID tags. This veterinarian must also be available to provide health certificates for the buyers. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify what health requirements are needed for the state the animals will be transported to.

For your protection, all our buyers are required to provide a letter of credit from their banking institution prior to being allowed to bid. Bidder numbers will not be provided without this information. This pertains to both in-person and online bidders.

Fees for each of the auction options listed above will be determined per an executed contract between the seller and Fischer Clerking, LLC. Depending on the sale, fees could include but are not limited to travel, lodging, photos/videos, auctioneer, and commission.

 The location of the sale for any of the options above, must be able to house the animals and be easily accessible for the buyers to load the animals after the sale.