Larger Kill Bulls
Lot Number:1
Start Time:7/6/2023 3:00:00 PM
End Time:7/7/2023 8:02:13 PM
Bid Count:4
Current High Bidder:5005
Starting Bid:$200.00
Bid Increment:$50.00
Current Bid:$1,950.00x 5= $9,750.00
Bidding complete

Lot 1 – (5) bulls.  Large of the two lots. Ready for kill. Average weight 1200 lbs

Please note, we were unable to sort the animals. These will be gate cut so you can get the 5 larger bulls in this group. 

There are no bids for the lot at this time

No donations for this lot

(9) two-year-old bulls

All the animals will be sold in two lots, from 1 pen.

Lot 1 – (5) bulls.  Large of the two lots. Ready for kill. Average weight 1200 lbs

Lot 2 – (4) bulls. Smaller of the two lots. Ready for kill or feed and finish to your preference. Average weight 800 – 900 lbs.

Animals are located 1 mile north of New Salem, North Dakota. 

Bidding will begin 7/06/23 and end 7/07/23 2:00 p.m. (MST) 

If you click "enter auction" you can view additional photos and videos of the animals. 

Thank you for choosing to purchase livestock through Fischer Clerking, LLC. Prior to obtaining a bidder card, you must properly register and obtain a buyer number. If you do not register, you will not be allowed to bid. To fully register you will need to the following:

a.    Provide a current photo ID;

b.    Provide valid email and physical address for invoicing;

c.     Provide a Letter of Credit / Letter of Funds from your banking institution; and

d.   Agree to Buyer’s Acknowledgement of Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully before bidding! If you cannot adhere to the terms set forth below DO NOT BID! Once you bid, you will be legally bound for full payment.

Payment will be made in US currency only in immediately available funds (cashier’s check, ACH, or wire transfer). Crypto currency will not be accepted. 

Full and final payment must be received on or before Monday July 10, 2023 (12:00 P.M. MST). You will not be allowed to transport any livestock until payment is received in full. 

The winner of the bid will be notified with an invoice via email at the end of the auction. Again, this invoice must be paid in full on or before Monday July 10, 2023 (12:00 P.M. MST). Should you win the bid on a lot, at that time you become the legal owner and assume all risk of loss to the lot.

All payments are to be made payable to FISCHER CLERKING, LLC. Routing information to Fischer Clerking, LLC will be provided to you. Please verify this information prior to commencing a wire transaction. Fischer Clerking LLC will not be responsible for money being sent to the incorrect account. 

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Should you default on your obligation to make payment, you shall be liable for actual and incidental damages to Fischer Clerking, LLC, which would include, but not limited to, court costs and attorney fees. Default shall exist if full and final payment is not received by Monday July 10, 2023 (12:00 P.M. MST) and/or if the check given as payment for the purchased livestock does not clear due to non-sufficient funds.

No third-party commission will be paid. If you are acting as buyer for an agent or dealer, you will need to collect commission through the agent you are purchasing livestock for.

All transportation expenses and arrangements are the buyers' responsibility. A fee will be charged should transportation take place after the deadline set forth by the seller. This deadline will be discussed after the sale to best fit all parties schedules. 

Each animal becomes the liability/property of the buyer as soon as the auctioneer announces it “sold” or you won the bid online. Neither Fischer Clerking, LLC nor Seller will be held liable for any injury or death of an animal once the animal is sold to the purchaser. All livestock are sold “as is, where is”. If you feel the injury / death of the animals was caused due to actions of the seller, you will need to contact the seller for compensation. Fischer Clerking, LLC makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the condition or health of any animal, and all implied warranties arising under the Uniform Commercial Code and common law are expressly disclaimed.

Additional information:

The seller is allowed to set a reserve price in advance of the auction. If the highest bid offered is lower than that reserve price, the sale does not take place on that item / lot a “no sale” will be announced. Bidding will be dollar amount times number of head per lot. Animals will not be sold per pound only by head.

Example: Lot A has 10 head and sells for $1,500 per head. Your total would be $15,000.00 (10 x 1500 = 15,000)

New Salem, North Dakota 58563
United States